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We make it easy to create amazing blog post content and blogs using the power of AI. Create a blog in less than 5 minutes. Use AI to generate Blog Posts, News Articles, Product Comparison Posts and much more. Set up simple automations or granularly control the creation process, then automatically publish to your website and all your social media channels by following our simple guide. No previous experience needed and you can integrate with your existing website or blog.

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AI Generated Blog Posts

Easily create amazing blog posts that are 100% optimized for Google and organic search. We also have a variety of blog post type templates that can be created including video posts, content posts, product reviews, top 10 posts and more.

Automate Everything

Our competitors make you do everything manually and can have you spending over an hour on one post. With our platform you can set up one automation and automatically create posts on a timed interval and automatically publish them to your social media channels.

Complete Control

Our platform also gives you complete control over content if you want granular capabilities in the prompting, editing and publishing process. You can choose as much or as little of the process you want to automate. We leave it up to you.

Social Media Integration

We have easy to follow tutorials that show you how to seamlessly integrate and publish your content to all your social media platforms on autopilot. Automatically publish to YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more. Learn More

Websites Made Easy

You can have your website or blog up and running in less than 5 minutes. You can use your own domain name like or use a subdomain like We also have integrations with WordPress and Shopify if you want to use an existing site.

Wide Range of Features

We pride ourselves on offering 10x plus the value of competitors at a lower price. These features include a free website, many additional content types and publishing options, social media integrations and more. We are coming out with new and exciting features every day.

Affordable Pricing

Get Started for Free or a paid plan for as little as $20. Other AI content creation platforms charge up to $99 per month for a basic plan. With their plans the posts are a fraction of the quality, you don't get your own website, no automations and integrations are a pain.

Amazing Support

We offer incredible support in your content publishing journey. If you have any questions or issues, let us know and we will address your needs immediately. We also have a wide range of video tutorials that make it easy for anyone, with any experience level to get up and running, publishing like a seasoned pro.

Affiliate / Partner Program

Our Partner Program is just one of the many different ways we can help you generate revenue. Earn 15% reoccurring commissions on for any subscribers you send to our site through your affiliate link. Set up automations, automatically publish to social media and earn income from the affiliate revenue generated with links in the descriptions of their content.

Supportive Community

We have an every growing community of people that you get access to after creating a free account. In this community you will get ideas, see success stories, share thoughts, ask questions and much more, all designed to help you in your journey. Get access to experts to help you with any business goals you have, 100% free of charge.

AI Assistant

Our platform also offers your very own AI assistant to help you do a number of different things including coming up with content ideas, generating ideas for subject matter topics, ask questions about things like social media marketing and search engine optimization, as well as many other things you would normally pay consultants $1,000's for.

Automated Newsletters

We integrate with all the major email marketing platforms and have an automated newsletter feature that will automatically send out your most recent content on a daily or weekly basis in the form of a newsletter. News letters alone are big business. Charge subscribers or offer a newsletter as a value added prop.

Many Monetization Methods

We have a number of different monetization strategies that we will assist you with if you are looking to create a stand alone content business. These methods include social media ad revenue share, sponsorships, newsletters, subscriptions, affiliate programs (ours and 3rd party), and many more.

Save $1,000's in Content Creation

Utilizing our platform, our $20 per month plan generates the same output as a content team that would have traditionally cost well in excess of $10,000 per month. Start generating more traffic and revenue to your business today.


Amazing Week Over Week Gains with Minimal Effort!

No matter what your business goals are, we can hold you achieve them. Looking to increase your brand’s exposure? No problem. Want to create amazing content without spending $1,000’s on script writers, editors and graphic designers? Let’s do it. Want to start influencer social media channels and generate revenue from ads and sponsorships? We make it easy to get going and generate that following.

These are just some of the many examples of goals and use cases we are helping companies and individuals just like you achieve every day. 

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